Wednesday, July 11, 2012


by Florence Scovel Shinn

Book Description: 1936. No Binding. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, No binding, 3 hole punched typewritten pages in Brown Card "Amfil" Kankakee, ILL folder, 3 hole double-tang fasteners, To our knowledge this 19 page, 10 Lesson document was never published by Shinn. We do know that she obtained a copyright for this title on Jan. 24, 1936, (As noted in the Catalog of Copyright Entries Part 1, Group 2, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Contributions to Newspapers or Periodicals, Etc. Lectures, Sermons, Addresses for Oral Delivery, Maps, 1936, New Series, Volume 33, No. 1) but we are unable to find any documentation or evidence to show that this was ever published.

Book Condition: Very Good, folder is rubbed and light soil, corners bumped and creased, internally pages are lightly tanned but otherwise no rips or tears. While typing lessons 1 through 9 it is apparent that Shinn's typewriter ribbon was running out of ink and therefore several pages have extremely light type. In the middle of Lesson 9 she changed the ink cartridge and the remainder of the manuscript is crisp and uniform. There are a few corrections made in pencil and some type errors that were "x"ed out and re-typed.

Contents: Lesson 1. The Magic Path of Intuition, True Prayer Means Preparation, Lesson 2. HOW TO WIND YOURSELF UP FINANCIALLY, Lesson 3. The MAGIC PATH OF INTUITION, Awake thou that sleepth, All that you desire or require is already on your pathway, but you must be wide awake to your good to bring it into manifestation, Lesson 4. HOW TO BREAK UP OLD THOUGHT FORMS, Lesson 5. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS, Lesson 6. BRINGING YOUR FUTURE INTO THE NOW TIME AND SPACE ARE but a dream., Lesson 7. THE HOUSE THAT FAITH BUILT, Lesson 8. DO NOT LET YOUR HEART'S DESIRE BECOME A HEART'S DISEASE, Lesson 9. GOD THE GREAT MAGICIAN, Lesson 10. ALL THAT THE FOURTH DIMENSION AFFORDS IS YOURS. -- end. 19 pp.

Note:  Shinn's other "Published" works include: The Game of Life and How to Play it (1925), Your Word is Your Wand (1928), The Secret Door to Success (1940) and Power of the Spoken Word published posthumously in (1945).

About the Author: Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940), Florence Scovel Shinn's books have been reprinted continually since her death in 1940. These metaphysical works were published privately during her lifetime, but Simon & Schuster and the Church of Religious Science have made them a staple of New Age bookstores everywhere today. Shinn developed her beliefs from such mystical sources as Freemasonry and ancient Egyptian philosophy. The Game of Life and How to Play It and The Secret Door to Success are often seen as blueprints to today's most popular self-improvement books. Shinn's influence has proven so great that two researchers have compared her writings with the work of the father of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, and have concluded that some of Peale's theories originated with Shinn. We consider "The Magic Path of Intuition" a lost treasure from Shinn and look forward to finding a new home for this collectible gem. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions about this title.

Status: SOLD,  8 November, 2012 to Private Collector in California, USA.

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