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Cycles, The Science of Prediction by Edward R. Dewey, Edwin F. Dakin

Cycles, The Science of Prediction

by Edward R. Dewey, Edwin F. Dakin

Book Description: The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Pittsburg, 1987. Hardcover. Hardcover, Red leatherette boards with gilt title to spine, This volume belongs to a set number 830 of 1000, of CYCLES CLASSIC LIBRARY COLLECTION. Volume II: Cycles, The Science of Prediction.

Book Condition: Near fine, appears as new. No Dust Jacket. This book is volume II of a four volume special edition of 1000 published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in 1987.

Contents: Charts and Diagrams, Concerning Economic Prediction, An Introduction, I: Why Trends are so important, II: Patterns in Growth of Organizations, III: The Growth Trend in Our Basic Industries, IV: Trends in Some Other Industries, V: Some Rhythmic Cycles in Natural Phenomena, VI: The 54-Year Rhythm, VII: The 9-Year Rhythm, VIII: The 3 1/2-Year Rhythm, IX: The 18-Year Rhythm, X: Causes, Correlations, Conjectures, XI: Analysis and Synthesis, XII: Timing a Business, XIII: Avoiding Some Economic Illusions, XIV: War and Its Dislocations, XV: Post War Trends, XVI: Postwar Rhythms, Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III, Includes over 100 charts and diagrams. (Volumes III and IV from this special edition are also available from our bookstore) 255 pages. Near Fine, Collectible.

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