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Pythagorean Numerology, Some notes on numbers, letters, dates and places (ORIGINAL TYPEWRITTEN MANUSCRIPT)

Pythagorean Numerology, Some notes on numbers, letters, dates and places (ORIGINAL TYPEWRITTEN MANUSCRIPT typed by Virginia B. Pomeroy)
by Manly P. Hall

Book Description: 1941. No Binding, 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. ORIGINAL TYPEWRITTEN MANUSCRIPT (typed by his assistant Virginia B. Pomeroy), Notes on a lecture by MANLY P. HALL, Contents are from a lecture January 19, 1941 in Los Angeles, California., 13 pp.,

Condition: Good, some chipping to edges, pages extremely tanned, paper clip rust mark to top left corner, author / typist penciled notes and corrections throughout,

Contents: A thought provoking text on numerology and Universal Law by Hall, here's the first paragraph, "I do not believe there is any philosophy in the world that gives us such a wonderful working knowledge of principles as the doctrines of Pythagoras. In his mathematical philosophy Pythagoras reveals very closely the relationship between the great Universal Laws governing life and the application of these Laws to the affairs of men. First of all it clearly indicates that everywhere in nature, everywhere in the life of the human being, the various things that we see, the phenomenon of living as we know it, every part is directly related to a Universal Reality. Forms are symbols of ideas.

Human beings are symbols of cosmic motion, we are a part of the motion of the Universe through Space. The individual purpose of man, his arts, crafts, trades and professions, are symbols of the extension of his soul power. Everything that the individual does as an individual is a symbol of the principles working through him. All these principles are of themselves invisible but are apparent to us in the outworking of themselves in our patterns of life and action." -- Hall was a friend of R.N. Elliott and had a profound influence on Elliott's understanding of Universal Law which Elliott later characterized in his book, "Nature's Law: The Secret of the Universe (1946)". 13 pp. Highly Collectible Original Typewritten Manuscript.

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