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The Schiff Technique

The Schiff Technique 
by Samuel Schiff

Book Description: Samuel Schiff, 1984. Soft cover. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. Softcover, comb-bound, ivory card wrappers with black printed title to cover, copyright 1984 by Samuel Schiff, 69 pp. Assumed First Edition,

Book Condition: Very Good: covers rubbed and moderate soil, general shelfwear, internally clean and unmarked.

Contents: from the Foreword, "For several decades our attention has been centered on the commodities markets. The low margin offers terrific leverage possibilities. The high volatility of prices offers fantastic opportunities for tremendous profits (and losses). The markets also offer the greatest of all possibilities of pyramiding wealth to undreamed of heights (if you are right). Some have the very erroneous idea that to make money in the markets one must be on the phone to a broker ten times a day getting the latest prices, news and ideas. Perhaps that is the reason ninety percent of traders lose their money -- they let others influence them and take their money from them. You must learn to get a handle on your own trading and control your own destiny, and not leave it to others who obviously have less interest then you do in your fortune and fortunes. (maybe he meant "future and fortunes?) These statements may shock you, but hear lies the truth which will enable you to make money in the Markets: SOME OF THE BEST AND WEALTHIEST TRADERS ONLY GO IN THE MARKET FOUR OF FIVE TIMES A YEAR WHEN THEY DEFINE A PARTICULAR PRICE MOVE WHICH VIRTUALLY GUARANTEES A PROFIT. TRADERS SHOULD DIRECT THEIR EFFORTS TOWARD CAPITALIZING ON MAJOR PRICE MOVES. It is with that objective in mind that the Schiff Technique was developed - selecting those few trades per year that offer the grand prospect of great profits. You will love it - $$$." -- end. 69 pp.,

Summary: This is a great little trading book where Mr. Schiff tries to simplify the charts based on supply and demand factors to isolate the best probability moves. Written in 1984, Schiff focuses his attention on price moves in commodities and includes numerous charts and tables to illustrate his principles. Scarce, Highly Collectible.

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