Monday, November 28, 2011

The Richard D. Wyckoff Course of Instruction in Tape Reading and Active Trading

The Richard D. Wyckoff Course of Instruction in Tape Reading and Active Trading
by Richard D. Wyckoff

Book Description: REPRINT,Richard D. Wyckoff, Inc., 1934. No Binding. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. REPRINT, Loose pages 8.5 x 11 in. standard white paper with black text, no binding (originally published 1934) THIS IS A PHOTOCOPY REPRINT OF THE ORIGINAL 1934 TITLE.

Book Condition: Good, the photocopy reproduction is good but not excellent, some of the chart details are difficult to read and some of the text is faded, but all text is legible.

Contents: Introduction, Judging the Immediate Trend (Buying and Selling Waves, Wave Chart of the Leaders), Buying and Selling Waves - Part II, How to Link the Wave Chart with the Stock in Which you are Trading (A Vertical Line Chart and Continuous Line Chart), Trading Areas and How to Profit by Them (Trading Area of Auburn Motors), The Tape Reading Chart (Tape Reading Chart of J.I. Case), How to Spot the Buying and Selling Points within a Small Fraction, Judging Strength or Weakness, How to Keep Percentage in your Favor, Trading on Initial Activity, Judging the Market by Tests and Responses, The Best Stocks for Active Trading, Stop Orders and Other Vital Points (Judging Your Efficiency, Trading in Uniform Lots, Dow-Jones Averages, Trading on Paper, Trade at the Market, Put Time Limit on Your Trades, Qualifications of a Successful Speculator, Never Ask Advice, Fallacy of Averaging, Capital Required, How Profits Accumulate, Where to Trade, Choice of Brokers, Study you Losses, Practice Persistently), Chart Studies (American Telephone at Bottom of Reaction, American Telephone at Top of Rally, Allied Chemical at Bottom of Reaction, Allied Chemical at Top of Rally, J.I. Case at Bottom of Reaction, American Can Combined with Five Leaders) -- end. 96 pages, EXTREMELY SCARCE TRADING COURSE by WYCKOFF - Highly Collectible Reprint (REPRINT).

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