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Which Stock, and Why?: The Author Presents His Theory Concerning the Trend of the Individual Stock

Which Stock, and Why?: The Author Presents His Theory Concerning the Trend of the Individual Stock
C.S. Iverson

Book Description:
REPRINT, publisher unknown, 1932. No Binding. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. REPRINT, Loose pages 8.5 x 11 in. black text on standard white paper, no binding, (believed to have been published in 1932 as last dates on the charts used throughout the book were Decemeber 1931, publisher unknown), 50 pages,

Reprint Condition:
Good, the quality of the photocopy of original is good, all text and charts are legible.

(There is no table of contents, but are some topic headings), The Trader Buys of Sells - Not the Market, The Ways of the Uninitiated vs. the Experienced, Good Stocks and Poor Ones, Importance of Determining the Trend, Stock Ratings, An Important Method of Following the Market, A Little about the Man - Dow, The Dow Theory, The Averages, Study of the Price Movement, Use of Price Charts Valuable, The I-S Theory, How Individual Stocks Differ, Major Accumulation, Major Uptrend, Major Distribution, Major Decline, Relation to the General Market Trend, Determining the Major Trend of the Individual Stock, Charts Will Reveal the Four Major Movements, Limitations on Theory, Four Major Movements, The Case of American Woolen - a Poor Stock, A Good Stock or a Major Uptrend - Atchison, The Major Accumulation in Erie, Major Distribution - Anaconda, The Action of Individual Stocks, Individual Issues Often Record Changes of Primary Trend Independent of the Market, Accumulation - then Uptrend, Uptrend - Followed by Distribution, Distribution - Followed by Decline, Decline - Followed by Accumulation, Concerning Interpretation of the I-S Theory, Factors Having a Direct Bearing on the Major Trends, Earnings, Financial Position, Management, Growth, Economic Conditions, Other Influences Affecting the Trends of Individual Stocks, Manipulation, Speculative Psychology, Outside Developments, Sponsorship, Consideration of Direct and Indirect Influences Helpful, Nine Rules for Guidance -- end. 50 pages. EXTREMELY SCARCE title and one of the first books to cover I-S Theory. Collectible Reprint.

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